"Dan took my family and I out on the Columbia river for an oversized sturgeon trip. We were new to that type of fishing and he showed us everything. We caught some monster fish and really enjoyed ourselves. Dan is a funny guide and the trip provided tons of entertainment. You won't be disappointed."
   - Nick Bender

"Hello from Texas,
Thanks for a great 2 fishing trips.  I will be back to fish with you again.  Your boat is like sitting in a large spacious outdoor conference room.  If you come to Texas I will take you and your family hog hunting."
   - Terri Quebedeaux

     "Once again, thank you for a wonderful time. My son was completely thrilled with the fishing we experienced. I hope your steelhead came out OK. Please feel free to use this picture on your website if you would like, hopefully ALL your customers will realize that fish bite early!!!! Hope to see you in early July for some more salmon next year. Again, Thanks for all your efforts."
   - Gary

Note: Gary and his son landed 6 oversized sturgeon, 4 steelhead and 2 chinook salmon on there 2 day trip....Dan

     "I want to thank you for the great salmon trip you provided my business clients and I last fall. I really needed to show these guys a good time. What you provided us was nothing less than unbelievable. I know you said fishing would be good, but sometimes I think you need to pat your self on the back a little more. Fishing was the best I have ever seen in my life. I never thought we would hook so many salmon we would loose count. I think the final number was we landed 24 Chinook but we are still not sure. That's insane. The most insane part was the other guide boats in the area were not doing to well at all. I don't know what you use to cure your bait but it must be crack because the salmon wouldn't stay off. My clients laughed so hard with the doubles and triples that I thought Pete was going to fall out of the boat fighting that big salmon.
     You definitely won over these clients for me. I think you are a big reason they are doing so much business with me now. Once a month one of them asks he "Hey, were going fishing again this fall aren't we?" I tell them "You bet". So you will see this group back this fall for sure. I also want to get a couple other groups set up with you this spring for the spring runs.
Thanks again Dan your the best,"
   - Rich Scott

Mr. Christopher:
     "We had a delightful time and really enjoyed the day. We found a place to freeze and vacuum pack our fish, even on a Sunday! We would love the picture you have of the 4 of us with our catch. Jim's camera was full so we don't have a copy of that.
     When you get your pictures downloaded, just reply back with the photo.
     Thank you so much. Our day on the river was the highlight of our trip. We considered ourselves fortunate that our guide was able to land half of all the fish taken out of the river that day!"
   - Anne Hale

     "Dan, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your professionalism, expertise and attention to detail as you made sure that your clients caught fish and had fun. We were on your Sat evening trip and I know I speak for all of us when I say "Wow, what a great fishing trip"!! Keep up the good work & may you be blessed with many egg rolls."
   - Ross Sisson

Hi Dan,
     "I just wanted to thank you for the best day of fishing ever! My Dad, husband, son and I had a great time and were so happy to have chosen you as our guide. My Dad still beams and his eyes light up when we talk about that trip. And Alex's muscles are still sore from reeling in that HUGE sturgeon! The salmon was fabulous and we're looking forward to doing this again soon. Thanks again for your extra effort to make this a great day."
   - Eileen Padilla

"I wanted to thank you for taking my parents and I fishing. I can say that
without a doubt that was the best fishing trip we have ever been on, guided or not. My mom can't stop talking about the trip and she really didn't like fishing prior to last week. It will be a little difficult for me to get excited about trout fishing again after catching that Chinook with 3 minutes to go in the trip..... thanks for giving us the extra time. I am certainly looking forward to booking another trip with you so that my brother can experience it
too. I imagine that we will be talking to you again sometime in the future. Hope the operation went well on Monday. Thanks again."
   - Stephen Darmitzel

     "Thanks for the newsletter, it was great to hear you are doing well and catching lots of fish. The best days fishing that Carl, Billy or I ever spent, was a day with you fishing for Sturgeon. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely be calling you on our next trip out to Oregon."
   - Alan Lyndon
Business Development and Proposal Manager

     "Just wanted to drop you a note to say “Thanks” for the great day we had out on your boat. Ron & I have the attached pictures already framed and on our shelf. Being from Texas, we have a whole lot of people asking “what kind of fish is that?” The sturgeon photo makes for great conversation for us. I have given your card to few people that said they may be interested in booking sometime in the future. Hope it helps. I know Ron & I will be booking with you if we ever make it back to Portland!"
   - Jay

     "I would like to send a huge thank you for the great trip you provided for my 11 year old son and I. We have tried other guides who's patients with children has made the trips less than stellar. Both of us had a great time and will definitely be back. I would highly recommend your services to anyone! Your knowledge and professionalism were very appreciated!"
   - JT Goulet

     "Dan you are a top notch guide who is well equipped and you have keen sense of how to slay fish. I see the picture of me holding the nice chrome bright steelhead on your steelhead page, thanks. Never a dull moment, you always keep us entertained on our Adventures. Thanks Quality Fishing Adventures."
   - Andy

Dear Potential Client.
     "My name is Rick Nelson. I have fished with Dan Christopher as a client no less than 10 times. I strongly recommend using Dan as fishing guide. He is a safe and knowledgeable captain, and a fun person to spend the day with. I have taken my wife, daughter, and friends on these trips. I would never hesitate to take anyone on one of Dan’s trips. You will find that Dan Christopher is a one of a kind in a business filled with arrogance, egos, and empty promises.
     Those with an affinity for sports fishing will not only experience a day full of excellent fishing opportunities, but, they will enjoy a casual fishing master class. I have never set foot on Dan’s boat that I did not learn something. I can honestly say that I am a better fisherman, thanks to the lessons learned on the many trips I have taken with Quality Fishing Adventures. For those who are more interested in the experience and adventure, than knowledge, Dan will provide an equally wonderful trip. Dan uses the best equipment, gear, and baits on the market today. His boats are roomy, comfortable and modern. But, he is not a neat freak. That means, you can relax and have fun, with out worrying about bait splatters, mud, or cookie crumbs in the boat.
     I have bee in the service industry for over 20 years. I have attended and taught many customer relations courses in that period of time, and consider my self an excellent judge of customer service skills. I can tell you that Dan Christopher more than exceeds my minimum expectations for customer service. He is certainly one of the hardest working guides you could possibly hire. I have seen it time and again: Dan is more interested in his client’s fishing out come than his own income."
   - Rick Nelson

"To anyone considering hiring Dan Christopher:
     Just a quick note to recommend Dan as a competent, fun and straightforward guide.
     I have had the pleasure to fish w/ Dan on a few occasions,
and was very impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and his willingness to share that knowledge freely.
     He is as hands on as you want, if you need some room he'll give it to you, and if you need a lot of help he'll accommodate you also.
Every trip, we caught fish, had a great time and made some great memories! Dan works very hard to put you on fish and sees to it you have a great time. In my opinion Dan is what a guide should be, I will continue to refer him to my clients, friends etc.. and he is the only guide I will use.
   - Brian Canini

I will be adding more letters as I get them. If any clients want to add their letter just email them to me. Personally I want to thank all of you.



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