The Columbia and Willamette rivers offers catch and
release Sturgeon fishing opportunities year around.
We normally target these fish January through November.


     The Columbia river, hosts the largest population of Sturgeon in the world. The Columbia river below Bonneville Dam is a major spawning location for the giant oversized sturgeon. These huge prehistoric fish can grow to 20 feet in length and reach weights of up to 2000 lbs. They are the largest freshwater fish in North America. The average however that anglers are able to catch and release is between 6 and 14 feet in length with weights of up to 1000 lbs.

 To go after these monsters, prepare for a fight of up to an hour. People come from around the world just to feel the power these fish have. All oversized Sturgeon fishing is catch and release, but that won't hinder you from having the time of your life battling a few of these monsters. We normally target oversized Sturgeon January through November.



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